Develop Antibodies with Better Clinical and Commercial Potential

Understanding new discovery and engineering technologies and approaches being used by other drug developers is critical. Learning how to take them forward within your organization is priceless. 

That’s where this conference comes in.

Unlike other antibody conferences, Antibody Engineering and Discovery 2013 was a meeting that didn’t just give you a comprehensive overview and in-depth understanding and of what other drug developers are doing…

It was also a meeting that noticeably changed the way you operated on your return to the lab, by giving you the opportunity to uncover how to use the new approaches used by your competitors. All so that you can move your own antibody pipeline forward.

With a focus on delivering results in a commercial environment, this meeting that helped you:

  • Adapt, or adopt new, discovery platforms to improve the therapeutic potential of your antibody candidates
  • Enhance biophysical and functional properties to differentiate your antibody and enhance clinical performance
  • Understand how drug developers are using novel antibody-based formats to meet their clinical and commercial goals 

Because delivering in a commercial environment was the focus, speakers and delegates were dominated by drug developers who could tell you first-hand how to discover and develop differentiated antibodies. Presenters included heads of antibody programs from Pfizer, Novartis, Merck, AbbVie, MedImmune, Amgen and BMS. 

Heavyweights of the antibody field, George Georgiou and Ira Pastan, outlined radically different discovery and engineering approaches that helped propel your development efforts forwards. Plus, the FDA updated you on their evolving regulatory expectations regarding antibody development.

You Took Away Useable Information That Will Make a Difference to Your Business 

This was a very different type of antibody meeting. You’ve previously said that the quality of discussion and the usability of the knowledge you take away from the meeting is critical. 

The conference delivered information that’ll make a tangible difference to your performance. A premium is placed on knowledge sharing and networking. Here’s how:

  • Restricting the number of attendees to 100. This promotes knowledge sharing and makes it possible to meet every speaker and delegate. This was an intimate meeting; you can have in-depth conversations that deliver solutions.
  • The audience is weighted so that at least 70% of attendees are drug developers. You’ve said it’s critical that you learn from and meet other drug developers. The confirmed speakers are a great snapshot of the type of people who attended.
  • A focus on overcoming commercial challenges. You can easily read the literature to understand what new discovery and engineering platforms are available. Attending this meeting meant understanding why and how new approaches are being adopted by drug developers.
  • Innovative networking sessions built into the agenda: Speed Networking, Master Mind Groups, Interactive Panel Discussions. There were over ten hours of informal networking built into the agenda
  • Speakers were invited from referrals only. To ensure the speakers truly had something valuable to say, we only invited people who have been nominated by their peers. Speakers were selected for their pioneering work, innovative approaches and a willingness to challenge existing thinking.

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